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Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi, Everyone,

I know I have not been on here lately, but I have been very busy with my non art job. But it is slowing down some now. Not good for the paycheck, but good for my stress level.
So, with the holidays right around the corner I have started on some small, inexpensive artworks for easy carry shoppers. I also have been working on Christmas tree decorations. Will be posting them on my etsy and zazzle shops soon.
Also, have joined a group called the October Game. Need to post one artwork a day throughout October. Whew, for me that is a challenge.
I have also been working on a website so I can...wait for it...approach galleries. I have a few in mind. Not so surprisingly two are on the coast. Any excuse to visit the beach, right.
And finally, here is a link to a contest for mixed media artists looking to be published. I might even try for it. You never know. Incite Mixed Media Competition.

song listening to right now-Tempo Perdido by Pink Martini.
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