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Saturday, July 10, 2010

So, I have not been around lately. Not been on the net much at all. Usually just long enough to check my emails and my Farmville then leave. But I have been very busy...

1-work has picked up big time and with the July 4th weekend it was crazy this week. Long hours and whiny co-workers, plus super hot days have not made Kelly a happy camper. I seem to keep a headache these days. Usually when I manage to get home all I want to do is sit in front of the fan on top of the air vent and zone out.

2-On the July 4th weekend I was all day on the lake with friends, then home for a quick nap, then spent the evening with my family watching a firework display in town. The next night I sat in my yard with neighbors watching fireworks set off by the rich folk across the lake and setting off our own. Monday I actually tried to do housework. Hard to do with a crazy kitten underfoot.

3-I have been doing art, but my camera is loaned out. When I get it back I'll post them. Again, doing art with nutty kitten underfoot is a challenge.

4-I went on a tour of the new Franklin Woods community hospital that was just built to take over for two that are closing.
It is a "green" hospital. It was built around a large oak tree and natural boulders. To avoid rainwater from washing away the land since it was built on a hill they designed a waterfall and "river" around the hospital to catch the run off. It was a sunny day when I was there but I so will check it out after they open and a good rainy day comes up. In the chapel they put a window in the floor so you can see the water running underneath it. So cool.
A lot of the material used is green and natural-stone, wood, and cork (used on the floor to cut down on sound. Really like that). The art work is also great-stone, metal, and wood sculpture and instead of stock photos and cheap art they used the photos of local photographers showcasing the beauty of East Tennessee, some small town main street photos and old buildings, historical and and tourist spots of the area.
All the rooms look out onto nature, either a park-like view or a view of the mountains and town. All rooms also have a couch that folds out into...a bed. No more sleeping in a chair for patients family members. In the rooms there is also flat screen TVs with Internet connection. I was told it is so secure that a patient can do banking, pay bills, look up anything, or run a business from their rooms. A patient can also access patient services, food services, and leave feedback among other things.
The eating area looks at first to be smallish, but then there is a outside eating area and the whole has a feel of a cafe. I believe I also saw a real pizza oven there. And the view there is lovely.
To encourage green thinking there is special parking up close for fuel efficient and hybrid vehicles. Here are some links if anyone wants to know more...



I'll try to be on the blogsphere more, but until work slows down maybe not. Until next time...
Hugs all
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