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Friday, August 28, 2009

Memememe, the MeMe Award!

I have been awarded a MEME award by Kim over at merlinsmusings. I’m to pick out seven unknown things about me. That could be scary-for you folk. Let’s see…

1-Here’s something normal. I am my mother’s caregiver. She is wheelchair bound, oxygen dependant, mostly blind, semi deaf, diabetic, and has to have dialysis three times a week.

2-I love to eat frozen milk. Frozen milk with a shot of rum is even better. Frozen chocolate milk with rum is uber better. Frozen hot chocolate with rum is super uber better.
(stop snickering!)

3-After years of “studying art” in college, I only became an artist while taking a few months off from my job to take care of my stepfather before he died. It was then that I discovered Somerset Studio and was drawn into the world of mixed media. Haven’t looked back.

4-My all time fav movie is Resident Evil. Second fav would be Dawn of the Dead. Yes, I love zombie flicks.

(Why are you looking at me that way?).

5-I would love to travel the world one day. The place at the top of my list to visit? Romania.

6-I went through a Sioux ceremony once and met my totem animals and was given a native American name. I am Dances in Moonlight. I wish I could say it in the Sioux language.

7-I’m working on a paranormal mystery novel. I properly never get it published, but hey, it’s the book that I want to read.

So, that’s just some of my weirdness. I have much more.

Now for my seven nominees…and if any do not wish to participate I so understand. This is just to let you know I think highly of your blogs.

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