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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Top 5 Inspirations

Inspiration Avenue has thrown a Blog Party in which everyone participating is to list our five creative inspirations. So without further ado here is mine

My #1 inspiration is the female mystique. What makes us women, what moves us, grooves us, challenges us, delights us, saddens us, our relationships with our mothers, daughters, and sisters, and forms our perception of our unique worlds.

My # 2 inspiration is music. While I am working I like to boogie my booty. You could say that when I create it is more like a performance art. Latino and hip hop works best. Yes, my bio says I am a hard rocker, but rock really does not lend itself well to creative dance thinking. Since I like to dance why should I not dance while working. Click here for one my favorite working songs. Be sure to turn off playlist on bottom first. Or listen to it first.

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My #3 inspiration is scent. Yes, I said scent. Patchouli for one can send me back to my college art study days, rose to my grandmother and her crochet, honeysuckle to quiet summer nights which are good for just sketching and writing.

10% Jasmine
10% bergamot
5% patchouli-because it is very strong
5% distilled water
70% vodka-no, don’t drink it (well, maybe a glass won’t hurt)
A glass perfume bottle

Depending on how strong you want the perfume, you can let the mixture stand for as little as 48 hours all the way to a month. The longer it stands, the stronger it will be. After your perfume has sat for your preferred time, add 2 tablespoons of the diluted water. If the perfume is too strong for you, you can add more water to get your desired scent strength. To make your scent last longer, add a tablespoon of glycerin to your perfume mixture.

My #4 inspiration is Bling! I can’t help it. I must be part gypsy. I love metallic paint, and glitter paint, and iridescent paint, and interference paint, and gold ink, and copper ink, and bronze ink, and beads, and jewels, etc.

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My #5 inspiration is my own personal symbols, dreams, nightmares, fears, poems, writings, and childhood memories.


wings aglitter in the late sunlight
a dragonfly hovers over the pond
a breeze whispers through the willows
emerald green water ripples softly
cicadas sound out their mating calls
sweet honeysuckles overtake a broken swing
ghostly laughter barely heard
in the fading summer light
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