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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Get up earlier so I can have time to eat some breakfast so I won’t get a hunger pain when I pass McDonald’s on my way to work. :)

Avoid the middle aisles for the most part at the market.

Avoid eating anything white in color (except cauliflower and stevia. I can have those). Most foods white in color are natural starches which are bad, especially if you are diabetic.

Less meat and more veggies. (I can do this! I hope. I love meat.) Maybe just eat more fish. Baked, of course, not breaded.

(Anyone seeing a trend here.)

Notice that I am not vowing to lose so much weight. I am vowing to be an healthier eater. Weight loss will come with that.

Check my blood sugar more often.

Since my position at work has changed to a less mobile one I vow to do more exercise.

An easy way to exercise-I will finally get around to painting my house. Time for some prettier walls. Except for Cory’s room. He will most likely want black walls. I think he is a closet vampire. I mean, I will go through the house and open all the curtains and he will go behind me and close them back. I love sunlight.

Plant a small garden. With the bad weather hurting the produce I really do need to plant salad stuff. And a small herb garden. And flowers. (now how do I keep the rabbit, deer, and neighbors out of it?) Really need to do some work on the porch, too.

De-clutter the house. Especially since I think my youngest nephew wants to move in with me this summer so he can be closer to the college he wants to go to. That means two young men living with me. I’m going to have to get mean with them on some house rules.

Pay a little extra on my car payment so I can get it paid off this year. (It will mean less lattes, but since I’m not suppose to have those anyway…) :(

Post more blog entries. I have been lacks this year with this.

Do more artwork. I would love to sell more, so to do that I must do more. I would love to find a “style” that could be licensed. I will work on that this year.

I think that is enough and these are smallish enough that I might could actually keep them. lol

Now for a project I hope to do. I am a poet and writer as well. I would love to get all of my writings together and “published”. I will most likely do the publishing myself and I would like to add artwork with them. I would love to have this done by next Christmas. So, wish me luck!

I also have a "blog party" I want to do. No one has to join, but if you want to more on this later.
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