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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Snow Day

So, my day started off good. It had snowed over night. A beautiful, glittering snow.I mean, it really glittered. Beautiful in the porch light. I got up to go to work. It was easy to remove the snow from my car. My car started up just fine (which surprised me.). The roads looked really clear. So I started off. I made it to the top on the hill just 100 yards from my house and started to slide. And there was no stopping it until I was in a ditch. There went my morning. So I called work and was told that all the roads were bad. They looked clear, but apparently were covered in a thin layer of black ice.
So I walked back home. Where my boss called me to asked if I could find a way in. Yeah, be right there. Not. I live in the country surrounded by farmers. Wasn't going to bang on my neighbors doors at six in the morning to ask them to take me to work.
Boss called back to say forget it. Which I already had.
Then came the round of calls to wrecker services. I guess they all saw an opportunity to make some extra money off us. Every one I called wanted $60-$75 to pull my car out. Even the one I use when I have car problems wanted $65. What the *****. They only charged me $40 last time I had them tow my car.
I called my mechanic to ask if he knew someone that would like to make some cash. He didn't and he was too busy to come out. *sigh*
Called work to see if anyone there could pull me out after work. One of my co-workers said he had to go home and get his chains but that he would come out after work. Yay! We take care of each other there.
Later that day he called to say he couldn't find his chain. Started to feel as if I would have to call a wrecker. I was getting so not happy.
Then a miracle. My next door neighbor, a young hefty guy, along with a youngster from down the street, another young strong boy, knocked on my door. I was told to get my nephew coated up and the three of them would get the car out. I was dubious as I followed them down to where my poor car sat back end in the ditch. The snow was almost gone at this point. The younger guy got in and, with the other two pushing, gunned it and the car was in the street. I did a happy dance. I'm sure that entertained them. They also refused money for helping me and I know they both could use it.

I now know my car is front wheel drive. That's good to know.
So, I'll try this again in the morning. I can't afford to miss another day.

Oh, yes. My boss posted on Facebook that she was taking a snow day off tomorrow. Urgh! That means more work for me.
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