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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Car Issues-Sunday Night and Monday Morning

I woke up Monday morning and nephew was still not home from his McDonald's run. I figured he went to a friends house and fell asleep and had his phone turned off because he was not answering calls or text. So I went next door to ask neighbor to take me to work and they told me the news. They said when they were coming home they passed the scene of an accident and that it looked like my car. I freaked about then and started calling around to the area hospitals and sheriff's department and city police and could not get any information from any of them. Apparently it is against the rules to give out any info over the phone to freaking out family members. I finally got this nice older lady who told me where my car was (in Bristol, TN of all places) and where my nephew was taken. So I called the hospital info desk and finally got someone to tell me he was discharged from the Er but that they didn't know when. So I was concerned about where he was. My neighbors said he must of ran away because he was too afraid of me to come home. So I did what I also do when stresses. I walked. The house was too small for me so I walked up and down the street for like an hour before a taxi pulled up and my nephew got out. He explained what happened.
Well, he finished wrecking my car. Totaled it this time. Wasn't his fault though. Someone got into his lane and he said he had to choose either a head on or the embankment and he chose the embankment and rolled a few times. He was not hurt badly. Just some bruising and cuts, thank God. He said his military roll over training kicked in. Glad he had that. The other car fled the scene, but there were other cars behind him that witness the whole thing. They said that the other car was full of teenagers. But the car was a complete loss. Wish now I got pics of it when I went to retrieve some belongings from it.
Liked to not found anyone willing to take us to car. Got on Facebook to see if any of our friends would take us to get our stuff out of car and then take us to car lot for another car. Offered to pay for gas and buy lunch. I even offered a brand new still in the box grill. No takers. Finally one of Pat's old high school friends said she would because she was on vacation and bored. Whew! And all she wanted was gas in her car because she was on empty.
Got to Bristol and got our stuff out (or most of it), paid the wrecker, and sold car to junk yard. And of course it was pouring cats and dogs as we were leaving Bristol and the storm followed us all the was to Johnson City. Took all day and some crunching numbers and giving said faces but I got another car. Not brand new and paid more than I wanted but I needed a car and my credit sucks, so I couldn't be too choosy.
All in all, I had rather of lost the car instead of the nephew.

And what really sucks is that we hardly heard anything from family members. They haven't called, text, emailed, of Facebooked us to see if he was okay or if we needed anything. His own mom just said she was glad he was unhurt, his younger brother made a joke, and haven't heard anything from the older one. Family suck sometimes. They need a smack across the back of the head.
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