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Monday, May 12, 2008

Idiot Doctors

The past two weeks have been kinda rough around here. My mother has been in the hospital twice during that time. She kept telling everyone something was wrong, but none of the health professionals could find anything. Her doctor( a complete moron in my opinion. He needs to retire.) would just look at her and walk away. He told the hospital staff to just send her home as the was nothing wrong with her. My mom would sit and cry because she felt so bad. My mom does not cry. So I knew something was wrong. The second time I took her to the ER I told them not to call her regular doctor. Then we gave a detailed account of all her systems to the attending ER doctor. We must of lucked up this time, because instead of ordering the regular blood test, he ordered a blood oxygen count test. Turned out mom had less than half what was normal. 52% to the normal 98%-100%. So she is home now hooked up to an oxygen making machine, with tanks to take with her when she goes to dialysis or out. She says she feels alot better now. She's sleeping all night too instead of sitting on the side of the bed trying to breathe.
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