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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Little Forgotten Bowl

Sometimes things that we take for granted as being there are overlooked. Take this little bowl. I made it in the early eighties in an attempt at pottery. I figured out early that pottery was not for me, but I did manage this cute little bowl. I think it shows the beginning of the colors and shapes I would use later on, but when I made I really didn’t think about it much.

I have carried this bowl every place I have moved to since then (an astounding seven times). I placed it on my kitchen counter among an array on candles and used it as a catch all. Today I was cleaning off said counter and noticed the bowl in the light coming from the window. It was filled with stuff. Since I was cleaning I dumped the stuff out to see what was there.

Wow, memories. Let’s see…from top left…
A silver watch with rhinestones that my dad gave me. It’s just a tad too small and the battery is dead, but it is from my dad. He gave it to me the year before he died.

A small bottle of patchouli oil, bought to give me a sense of creativity (I have many of these strewed about the house).

A box of matches from July 4th (wow, what a great fireworks show in the neighborhood).

A river rock found on one of my “let’s clean out the river” excursions several years ago.

One of my favorite pair of earrings. (I wondered where they were.)

A set of toe rings (Forgot I had those).

A penny from the Bahamas (no idea where that came from. I have never been there. Love to go though).

One of my many anklets with bells for belly dancing (or just walking about the house tormenting the furry ones. Barney tries to pull them off me).

And in the middle one lone earring that my ex-fiancé bought me. (the mate was lost many, many, many moons ago).

Who could of imagined that a little forgotten bowl would of held so many memories.
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