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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why I Hate and Fear Clowns

I really do not like clowns. Have never been able to face them. It’s a good thing McDonald’s have remove Ronald from in front of their establishments or I would have to forgo their yummy coffees. I believe I know where this fear came from. It is from an old One Step Beyond episode. This one below. Since I saw it I have hated clowns.

One Step Beyond - Clown
Starring - John Newland, Yvette Mimieux, Mickey Shaughnessy, Christopher Dark, Paul Moose Garner, Jack Daly, John Close, Karen Scott, Jim Nolan
Directed by - John Newland
(1960) - B&W - 24 min
In this episode -The Clown, a jealous boyfriend kills his girlfriend, played by Yvette Mimieux, when he finds her hiding in Pippo the Clown's trailer at the carnival. Then - he is haunted by the menacing clown - but all in some dream world. This episode is probsably the original of all the scary clown tv and movie themes we have seen since. Really great episode - check out that clown's face!

Here is the link to the episode on youtube if you want to watch it.


And of course, this did not help matters at all. I hear Warner Brothers are doing a remake. So am NOT going to see this one. *shudder*

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