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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Thoughts

Tonight is Christmas Eve. Most years I have spent this night at home with my mom and any family members that show up. This year I am going out to a party. I don't really feel like sitting at home alone. I guess I have a case of the Holiday Blues.

And Saturday is my birthday. So I'm going to Starbucks for my complimentary drink. My sisters are coming down that day for the family get-together. I'm cooking the turkey and a dessert. They suppose to be bringing the rest. I also have to finish the gingerbread house. So Christmas Day will be spent cleaning house and doing all the little things needed, like finishing wrapping presents.

So I'm going to wish all of my blogsphere friends a Merry Christmas now. Have a happy and fun filled day with your families. May the magic of the season fill your hearts and the peace of the season follow you throughout the coming year.
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