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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspiration Avenue-Something Found

This week the theme at Inspiration Avenue was to use something found. I have been at my "day job" for way too many hours this week so did not have a chance to look for something this week so I used something I found a long time ago. A rattlesnake tail. I made a Native American inspired necklace out of it. I really wanted a real choker but my neck is too small and the choker would not look good. I know because I tried. I love Southwest and Native American jewelry.

I did use carnelian beads and bone beads I bought to make the necklace. It usually hangs in my bathroom because I don't wear it much. The guys at work have tried to talk me out of it. The cats don't like me to wear it either. They hiss and carry on when they hear it rattle. Must be a species memory thing because they have never seen a rattlesnake.

In Native American lore the rattlesnake is considered a messenger from the spirits as well as a protector and teacher. Maybe the rattlesnake is one of my totems and I was meant to find this tail.
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