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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thoughts On A Sunday Afternoon

It was a beautiful day today. This afternoon after getting home from running around town I decided to sweep the leaves off the porch (mostly because I hate slipping on wet leaves in the mornings as I'm leaving.).

It was warm (around 72 degrees), sunny, and calm. I could hear thoughtout the neighborhood others busy outside, too. One neighbor was working on his car, another sawing wood, and someone weedeating in the cemetary across the road. Yet another neighbor, a farmer, was on his tractor a few hills over, another came riding up the street on his Tennessee Walking horse.

Birds were chirping, dogs barking, geese flying by overhead. Even the honeysuckles and some roses are holding on.

It is astounding that it is so lovely this close to the winter holidays with Thanksgiving just five days away.

I do like it here. I just wish I had a bigger house, a bigger yard, and somewhat closer to town!

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