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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Scary Night and the Aftermath

Normally I love a good thunderstorm. But not last night. East Tennessee and Southeast Virginia was hit by the same super cell storms that had devastated the rest of the South, Alabama being the hardest hit.
I really was not paying attention to the storm until my sis called to see if I was ok.
“Turn on the news!”
I did so and saw that a tornado warning was issued for my area.
Ok, not good.
Luckily that one passed me. The next super cell came through about a hour later around 9:30. Wind and rain first, than it hailed so loud poor Barney crawled into my arms and stuck his head under my arm he was so scared. It got quiet then so I thought it was over until a lightening strike took out the pole next to my house. Cable went.
I turned on the radio to hear the emergency broadcast urging people in my area to seek shelter. I don’t have any shelter. Tornados just don’t happen around here. This is a mountainous region. I was really scared.
So I grabbed my phone, purse, laptop, and Barney (duh) and crawled into my walk in shower.
And prayed. Not really for myself, but for my family, friends, and strangers in the path of the tornado.
I stayed there for about twenty minutes. The storm had passed and I felt it was ok to come out. Me and Barney went to bed listening to the third storm rumble by overhead. I was so tired I just didn’t care anymore.
This morning I didn’t see too much damage. I did have to hunt my trashcan down (it was in the road) and dodge debris on the road. On the way home though I could see the damage and downed trees.
The news said this was the worst storm systems they have ever seen here. 26 dead in this area.
Bad snow storms this past winter. Now this. May is traditionally the month for tornados. May is not until two days away. I hope this is not an indication of what Summer has in store.
So I spent today exchanging calls, texts, and facebook messages with friends and family checking on everyone.

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