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Sunday, May 29, 2011

$40 Million Dream

The other day at work my co-workers and I were discussing a sports star two year forty million dollar contract and what we would do with that kind of money. Of course there were the normal dreams of big houses and travel and kids' college funds. One lady wanted to start a foundation for underprivileged kids. But it got me to really thinking-what WOULD I do with that kind of money?
Besides making sure my nieces and nephews were taken care of and college bound/paid for, my bills paid off, and make sure I never have to work a "real" job again, this is what I want...
I am downtown Johnson City alot. While roaming the streets I run into the homeless. Contrary to what people believe these homeless aren't mental, druggies, or criminals. There is a large veteran's hospital here in Johnson City. For the most part these homeless are veterans coming here to the hospital for help and just have no where to stay. The local shelters just do not have enough room or resources to deal with them all. With $40 million I could buy up some houses around the hospital and turned them into places for them to stay, staffed with caring people. And set up a foundation to keep it going. It is only what they deserve.
Next, set up a annual donation to the arts for kids programs in this area. Children need to be exposed to the visual arts, music, writing. Studies show that they do better in other areas when they are.
Another thing I would wish to do is buy up one of the old abandon warehouses downtown and convert it into studios for artists who have no place or little space to work. Believe you me, this is an issue for me as my house is quite small and I would love to do larger works. The is an excellent college near by-East Tennessee State University-with a great arts program, but I bet most of the arts students don't have much space to create outside the classroom. Just the thought of a large warehouse space filled with artists of all ages and styles exchanging ideas, critiques, info, and coffee makes me shiver. With delight. And, of course, there will have to be a gallery space to show all that work.
If there was anything left over I would want my own gallery to show my and others' work.

Ok, done dreaming. Time to start the laundry. And a new painting.

Luvs and happy creating!
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