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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Week

This has been a very busy week for me. Yesterday I went to my Sis Dianna's wedding. I'm glad she found someone who she is happy with.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farmer. (Man is he tall!)

This is me with my sis and my dad who I don't get to see very often. I should try to go see him more often but he lives three hours away and it's hard to find the time.
This my stepmom, Judy (on the left in green) and my Aunt Annabel (Dad's sis). It was good to see them, too.

On a happy note-when I was shopping for a dress for the wedding I had discovered that I went down four dress sizes. And I am in misses, not women's, sizes. Whoohoo! Encouraged to work out more.

I also went to my nephew (different sis, Angela) Dalton's graduation. I know he is glad he finally made it and he has been accepted to Walter's State University for the Fall semester. He is going into Physical Education and wants to coach a team of some sort in the future.
(He thinks he's so cool in this pic)

Then there was my sis, Angela, stepdaughter's birthday party. Bethany turned thirteen so she is officially a teen now. And she is taller than me! Such a young lady. She's such a girly girl, but she also plays football (and not on an all girl team). She whips them boys' butts! She also hunts and fishes. I love her dearly.

I will be busy this week as well. Blue Plum coming up in two weeks and I need to get stuff ready to put in Nelson's Art Center, and the warehouse where I work is moving across town into a bigger building, so I am hoping to gets some over time in helping with the move. I could use the money.

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