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Sunday, November 6, 2011

R.I.P. My Fuffy Son Barnabas April 1996-November 2011

Today I had to give in and let Barney go. He was so sick he couldn't eat, was staggering around, crying and wanting me to just hold him. He couldn't even eat the bacon I gave him this morning. And he did try, but was just too weak. So, crying, I called the ER vets and made arrangements. We wrapped in my blanket so he could have my smell to help him keep calm and took him down there. They were very sweet to him, to care to not stress him, gave him a sedative, and then the drug. Was done swiftly and quiet and then they put him in a little coffin so we could bring him home to be laid beside his brother. They even gave me a card with his paw print on it before we left.

I'll miss him bad, but it was for the best. He no longer suffers. I hope somewhere him, Niko, and Gary are playing kitty games in fields full of wildflowers, catnip, and slow fat mice under the stars.
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