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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Safe Driving

His name was Jonathan.

He was in his early twenties. Tall with a mop of dark brown hair and dark eyes. A very handsome young man just starting life. He was a good christian, loved strawberries, a good friend to have. He had a very sweet and caring nature.

We were told by some girls in the car behind him that they saw him bend down to mess with his stereo and went off the road, slamming into a tree at full speed. He was ejected through the windshield

If he had been wearing his seatbelt he would survived the crash.

There is no other feeling like the sick hurt one feels when one is told of the death of someone they cared for. Especially when the death is so sudden and unexpected and horrid. The mind refuses to process the info at the time, becoming numb. It's later when the tears come, when the shock wears off. It's then that one realizes that never again will laughter be shared with this person, no more conversation, no more life events.

There is a commercial on the TV these days called the Invincibles. It shows teenagers driving erractically, playing with their steroes, changing CDs, talking on their cell phones, text messaging, over-crowding the car with friends to talk with, speeding, and not wearing their seatbelts. The commercial is promoting safe driving, something teens aren't known for. I'm always after my nephews to drive responsibly. They roll their eyes but do as I say, thank God. Jon was my friend and it still hurts even after ten years. I could not bear it if one of my nephews were hurt or killed.

I have worn my seatbelt everytime I get in a car since the day I was told about Jon. It has saved me from a major hurt lots of times since.

Please, people, wear your seatbelts. Not only is it smart it's the law. Teens, don't be stupid just to look cool. Death is not cool. Live to go on to college and be someone. Parents, nag your kids to practice safe driving habits. Kids, nag your parents to do the same.
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