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Sunday, August 24, 2008

What A Week

What a week I had.
Monday-no orders at work when I arrived. We didn't get any until about 1 pm, then had to do the special orders leaving the rest for Tuesday.
So Tuesday we had to bust butt to get 3000 orders out when we normally have 1200-1400 orders. We got them out after working some overtime and much growling.
Wednesday morning first thing I dropped a weight on my foot. Too painful! So I worked all day on a hurt foot.But it was pay day so I didn't want to miss. After work I went to pay my bills and get dinner for family. While I was doing all that my sister called me and asked me to pick up an application for an apartment complex in town. OK, what the hell was up with her and her man?
Thursday, still in pain, but swelling was down. Luckily I did not break it. And I had no where to go so I went home.
Friday-another big order, but at least we started at a decent time. Got out at 4:00 and decided I deserved a caramel frappacino with an extra shot from Starbucks. So I went to get one and while there got another call from sis to say they (her and her man) was bringing a hot water heater out Saturday to put in. ?
So Saturday they showed up with two used hot water heaters. It was an all day job with two trips to Lowes (the last at high speed in an attempt to get there before they closed. Luckily the Nascar race was this weekend and all the cops were staked out along the routes taken by the fans.) But now I have hot water again after going without for about two months. All for a total of $50, dinner, and beer. Lowes wanted about $700. As a working artist with an day job I can't afford that. Not with gas prices like they are.
So, today is Sunday and I am doing housework the right way since I don't have to boil water now. Yea!!!!
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