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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twenty Things To Be Thankful For During The Holidays

  1. Mistletoe with someone special under it.
  2. Finding a holiday party dress that's just right.
  3. The combined smells of baking cookies, a real tree, and spices.
  4. My soldier boy and his comrades.
  5. A hairdresser that gets me.
  6. and shoes that look sexy and feel great.
  7. My neighborsbor kids' laughter as they play.
  8. Finally knowing what the teens in my family want for christmas.
  9. My friends who are sometimes closer than my family.
  10. Getting my christmas tree up and looking good without much fuss.
  11. My nephew being here even though I want to slap him on the back of the head sometimes.
  12. Everyone getting together for the family party.
  13. and everyone when they leave the party.
  14. Watching snow showers and knowing that it won't be deep enough to prevent me from going to work.
  15. I also grateful that I have a job to buy christmas presents with this year.
  16. Having my health this year.
  17. 24 hour stores.
  18. Crisp, clear winter nights with a full moon and the smell of pine and woodsmoke on the air.
  19. The promise of Spring.
  20. The Promise of my Lord and Savior.
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