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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cat, Dogs, and Dignity Lost


Awww! Barney can't go outside. Barney doesn't know how to come home and Mommy has to go looking for him.

Except for today. My nephew opened the door and Barnabas took the opportunity to dash out the door. He was gone before we knew it. I saw his bright white tail just has he darted behind the neighbors' house. I gave chase because I knew their pitbull was lose.

When I made it around the corner Barney was standing there, ears back, back up, tail fluffed and he was hissing for all his worth. Lily, the pitbull, is really just a puppy even though she is large and she wants to play all the time. She was just standing there watching that stupid cat as if she was trying to figure him out. She saw me and started jumping up and down doing her little happy wiggle. About that time another neighbor dog, a very big, very old black lab named Joe came over for a visit. It proved too much for Barney. He climbed up my body to perch on my head.

So I walked back to my house with this fluffed up hissing cat on my head, followed by these two big dog-one white and one black-who were trying to get me to pet them. I guess we made a sight to see. Good thing none of my neighbors were home to see it.
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