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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Answer, At Last!

So, this week I have been to the ER twice and had the EMTs out to the house three times over Mom's bleeding. She keeps breaking open and bleeding badly from her arm shunt. Of course, the good doctors could not tell us why or what to do to stop it. I was told to just keep a bandage on her arm, get up at all hours of the night to check it, and hope for the best.


That's our medical system for you. I bet if she had the name of one of the uppity families around here she would not of been sent home with a "oh, well".

So I went home, took all her meds and vitamins and went online. After an exhausted search I finally found the culprit.


That's right. Plain old aleve, or napoxen. The side effects are prolong bleeding, bruising, abdominal pain, diffeculty breathing, plus some more, but these were what Mom was dealing with. So I took her off the aleve (myself, too). Then I looked up Tylenol. It was not much better. So no painkillers for either of us. I just hope this takes care of this problem. If not I will have to cancel my vacation plans and I really don't want to.

I guess she and I will have to learn to like pain. Maybe we can get jobs at Madame M's House of Pain.hehe
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