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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Soft Rain and Memories

Isn’t amazing how seasons can change so subtly , but noticeably? This past Monday, Labor Day, Summer’s last holiday, we had a huge storm. Lightening, thunder, torrential rain, even hail, high winds, the works. It did some major damage around here with trees being uprooted and roofs being ripped off. I passed the lake while all this was going on and it looked like there was a hurricane going on. The waves were huge. Summer’s last hooray.
Yet, today, just three days later the rain came in so softly we barely noticed it until we heard it on the tin roof and smelled it through the open doors. A lovely musty, earthy smell. A chilly, wet smell.
A Fall smell.
It was a smell that made me wants to curl up in a chair by the open window, wrapped up in my favorite old sweater, with a hot cup of earl grey tea. It brought to mind past Autumns, school days (when school still started in September), football games observed from underneath blankets, bonfires on the banks of the New River, the day long chore of cutting wood and raking leaves.
Many of my friends lament the end of Summer, hate the Fall, and though I will miss the endless hot days of the Summer, I really love Autumn.
So I will most likely bore everyone to death during the next month or so with my blogs about Autumn.

Ps-art will be posted this weekend if my “photography room” cooperates and the weather clears.
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