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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Vacation

What a trip!

Day 1-We arrived in Myrtle Beach around 8 pm, too late to enjoy any sun. We did go down to the beach for a walk after checking in. Looking up and down the coast we could see all the other resorts, some no more than distant lights. I took some night pics.

Day 2-I went down to the beach for a morning walk while my sister and her girls slept in. I was told not to wake them until 10. Excuse me, but I did not want to spend my vacation in bed. I should of just waited. First thing I did was drop my phone in the sea. Yea!

So now I'm phone less and can't get a new one until March. (note-I was told that I could buy a Go phone and put my Sim card in it and it'll run off my plan. But I'm not to activate it. Just put the card in it.)

After they got up we went shopping because my eldest niece did not bring a swim suit and the girls all needed new body boards. Then me and sis sat in the sun while the girls played in the sea until a sudden thunder storm had us all running for the hotel. Man, those raindrops hurt when they hit. I got some good pics of the incoming storm. After it slacked off we played in the pool and sat in the hot tub until very late.

Day 3-We played in the sea until about 4. Then we went to Ripley's Aquarium at Broadway on the Beach. Loads of fun. I took lots of pics then my camera batteries died. After that we had dinner at Planet Hollywood. That is a so cool place. Overpriced but cool.

While we were in the sea at high tide (3 pm) I saw this shape under the water. Thinking it was a neat shell I reached down to grab it. About that time it flipped over, wiggled it's eyes, and clacked it's pinchers at us. We all squealed and fell back. My youngest niece screamed and made for the shore. It was hilarious when it happened.

The rest tomorrow...
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