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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Rest

Did I mention that on day 3-Saturday-we saw dolphins swimming up the coast, feeding. None jumped though.

Day 4-Sunday-Didn't do anything but swim-in the ocean, pools, and hot tub. I felt like a mermaid-or more like a wrinkled up creature from the black lagoon. Did see dolphins again following a fishing boat. Next year maybe I'll go on a dolphin watch boat trip.

Day 5-Monday-It turned very cold and rainy, so no swimming. My sister and I took the youngest girl back to Boardway on the Beach to Build a Bear. She gets a new one every year. Then we window shopped-prices, as I have said, were way to high-and went to the Kiss Coffee House. This is my niece, Madison. The Kiss Coffee House is so cool. If ever any of you get there check out the bathroom. It is neat. That night we found a steak and seafood buffet and pigged out. I usually don't eat like that. That should fed me for a month!

The last day-Tuesday-We had to be out by 11 am and of course it turned into a beautiful sunny day.Sis and I wanted to spend some time on the beach after check out, but the girls were ready to head home.

I would have more pics, but my camera decided to erase my pics and reformat my card. So all the oics I have were taken on the last two days there. And I didn't even get the cool one in fornt of Kiss. I hate technology. It apparently hates me back.
I'm thinking of taking my other sister's boys with me next year.
So here are the rest of the pictures.
Where we stayed-The Caravelle Resort.

My other niece, Sarah, and my sis, Dianna.

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