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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

Hey, there you are! Thanks for coming. Cool costumes. Come on in and let’s get started.
Hands out of the candy by the door. It’s for the trick or treaters.

Now, everyone find a seat. There’s popcorn on the coffee table. Help yourself. I also have drinks, candy, and other goodies for all on the dining room table. There’s pigs in the blanket, toasted nachos with cheese, and green punch. There is also cookies, candied apples, and cake.

For those who wish, I’ll be making Bloody Marys and Midnight Margaritas.

Now then, what shall we watch first? How about something fun like A Nightmare Before Christmas or Corpse Bride. I love Tim Burton movies.

Or maybe a little scare. I so love to watch B movies from the 50s.

Or maybe we could watch one of the movies that truly scared me. This is one of the best ghost stories I have ever read or seen.

Ok, everyone got snackies? (Barney! Get down. You don’t get sweet snacks. Sorry , folks. My cat is a pig.) Let’s get started…

...lights out.

Hope everyone has a lovey time party hopping from Vanessa's Halloween party 2010.

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