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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ghost Adventures Wannabes-A Halloween Story

Emma looked up from her Ghost Hunters live show to see her three boys-Mutt and Jeff and little brother, Stumpy- lined up beside the couch. It was seven o’clock on Halloween Night.
“Mom, do you have an old radio we could borrow?” Mutt, the eldest asked.
“In my closet on the top shelf. Why?”
“We need a ghost box.” Jeff, the middle one, answered.
She watched as all three went to her room then trooped back through to the front door. She noticed all three were in head to toe black.
“Where are you going?”
“To the old mill to look for ghost.” Stumpy grinned excitedly.
Emma stared.
“Oookay. Be back before ten.”
“What? That won’t give us much time to find a ghost. Ghost Adventures are there all night.” Jeff argued.
“Ten. And watch out for snakes!” She shouted as the boys stomped out the door muttering under their collective breaths.
Outside they quickly began arguing.
“I’m lead investigator.” Jeff stated.
“No, I am! I’m the oldest.”
“Why can’t I be?” Stumpy asked.
“Because you’re the youngest. You can be my helper and Mutt can be the tech guy.”
“Why do I have to be the tech guy?”
“Because you are the one with the video camera.” Jeff said.
“I want to be the tech guy!” Stumpy whined.
Jeff handed him the radio.
“You can try to get the ghost to talk through this.” He held out an old tape recorder they had found in the attic. “I’ll do the recording.”
“I still don’t see why I can’t be lead investigator.” Mutt muttered.
Jeff showed them his phone.
“Because I’m the one with the EMF app on my phone. Besides, I’m cooler and look better on camera.”
By that time they had reached the old mill.
“Are you sure there is ghost here?” Mutt asked Jeff.
“Has to be. It’s old, right?”
They stood in front of the awning dark door.
“Well, go on in, Jeff. You’re the lead investigator.”
Jeff reconsidered his stance, but since he didn’t want to look like a sissy in front of his brothers, he pulled out his flashlight and advanced into the room beyond, Mutt and Stumpy close behind.
The room was dark and full on cobwebs and dust. Jeff hoped there were no spiders there because he was afraid of them. He didn’t think it was warm enough for snakes. He lead the others to the middle of the room.
“Let’s start here. Start recording, Mutt.” He held out his phone with one hand and the recorder with the other. “Is there anyone here that wants to talk to us?”
They waited in apprehensive silence, almost afraid they would get an answer. But they only heard their own breathing. They went around the room asking them same question for a few minutes, but still heard nothing, till..
“What was that?” Stumpy asked.
They stood still and listened. Finally they heard a rustling near them. They tiptoed up to the sound and was just up on it when their cat, Fluffy, jumped out. With a scream the three boys fell back. Fluffy gave them an disdainful look and ran off.
“Let try the ghost box.” Jeff said.
Stumpy turned on the radio. Loud static burst forth.
“Turn it down!”
After the noise level went down, Jeff, trying to act cool like Zak Bagan, asked,
“Anyone want to talk to us? You can use this box to talk to us.”
Static filled the room for several minutes.
“Was that something?” Mutt asked.
“I didn’t heart anything.” Stumpy replied.
“I thought I heard some words.”
“Well, I didn’t and I’m holding it.”
“You to keep yakking and we won’t be able to hear anything.” Jeff punched Mutt’s arm.
“Watch it! You’ll make me drop Mom’s camera.”
Stumpy turned off the radio.
“I’m hungry. Are we going to be here much longer?” he complained.
“Real ghost hunters don’t get hungry before they find a ghost.” Jeff teased.
“Well, I don’t think there one here and I’m bored. I want to go home now.”
“We haven’t been here that long. We should stay a little longer.”
Suddenly they heard a knock above them. All three froze.
“Can you do that again?” Jeff asked.
Another knock sounded. Jeff gave his brothers an I Told You So grin.
“It’s up stairs. We should go look.” He said.
They turned to stare at the dark staircase leading to the upper floor.
“No way, dude!” Stumpy backed away. “I’m not going up there.”
Jeff looked at Mutt.
“You’re the oldest. Go on. Keep the camera on.”
“Uh uh. You’re the “Lead Investigator.” He shoved the camera at Jeff. “You go.”
Jeff took the camera and started for the stairs. He would show them he wasn’t afraid. He stopped at the bottom and looked back at them. Then back at the dark leading up to the top.
“Maybe we should all go together. Safety in numbers and all that.” He looked at them. “Come on! Go with me. Or are you chickens?”
That was the magic words. Mutt and Stumpy moved in behind Jeff and they began to climb the stairs. Just as they made it halfway they heard a deep growl come from the darkness above them. Stumpy let out a scream, dropped the radio, and bolted for the door. Another omniness growl sent Jeff nearly knocking Mutt down in his haste to make it to the door as well, Mutt on his heels. They could hear Stumpy still screaming as he raced home.
Emma looked up from her show as Stumpy came slamming into the house screaming that something was going to get him. He ran up the stairs and she heard his bedroom door slam. Seconds later Mutt and Jeff raced through the front door, out of breath and pale.
“Well, did you find any ghost?”
Jeff tried to play it cool.
“Maybe there is something there in that old mill.” Jeff shrugged and went to his room.
“But I’m not going to go back to find out.” Mutt declared as he went to his own room, slamming the door behind him.
Emma continued to watch tv, then turned to share a grin with her husband as he came silently through the back door.
“Happy Halloween, Honey.” He chuckled.

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Happy Halloween!
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