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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let It Snow

It's snowing again. Just flurries, maybe alittle rain and sleet mix. It's been doing this for the past week and the weather channel says it will be doing this for another week. Not really memorial. Every year we seem to get less and less snow around here. I know we got a good snow in 1998, and a few smaller ones that didn't last long after that one. But the snow I remember the most was the Blizzard of 1996. That was a dozy. It shut nearly the whole east and southeast down. I remember it because I was out in it.
I had gone to work that afternoon beacause the weather guy on the radio said to expect only flurries. So I went on to work. I remember being uneasy seeing the big, thick, wet flakes hitting my windshield, but I went on because I did not wish to lose my job. Not long after I started work it began to really come down. By six it was covering the tires of the cars in the parking lot. Still, my bosses would not let any of us go. By eight our cars were covered and we were finally allowed to leave. Assholes were more afraid of not making production and losing business than they were of losing employees. It took me and some of the men I worked with nearly an hour to dig our cars out to even leave.
Luckily I was driving a small straight shift at that time and I made good time, still what was normally a twenty minute drive took nearly two hours and I almost made it home.

See my next blog to see what happened.
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