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Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Snow and Christmas Past

Looks like we might have a white christmas this year. It's snows just alittle bit here every other day. I would love to see some snow on Christmas Day. Just not enough to keep me from getting to work later on in the week.
I really don't remember having a white Christmas in-well-decades.
I do remember one Christmas when visiting my grandparents when I was a child it snowed on Christmas. I can still see the white blanket glistening under a bright sun as we traveled familiar roads to reach their house, excited about seeing them, knowing there was all kinds on goodies awaiting us. Grandpa always had cream drops for us and Grandma baked cookies. They weren't rich and usually their presents consisted on coloring books and crayons, bubble bath, maybe night gowns that Grandma had made us girls. It was enough. Just being there with them at Christmas was what we wanted.
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