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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, finally got it up! I think I needed to add another string of lights though. (giggle) The bookcase makes a great background, uh? I think some of my ornaments are missing, too.

But I liked putting it up. A little holiday music, some hot tea, a scented candle lite. Oh, yeah!

I even had some help. For those of you out there with this special kind of help, read this

The Ten Steps Of Putting Up A Christmas Tree With A Cat "Helping"

Step 1-pull all branches out of box. Pull cat out of box.

Step 2-put tree together. Pull cat out of tree.

Step 3-Unravel lights. Pull lights out of reach of cat. Pull cat out of tree.

Step 4-begin stringing lights on tree. Step over cat several times before stepping on cat. Put down lights to go makeup to cat.

Step 5-Finish lights while cat is pouting.

Step 6-repeat step 4 with berry string and garland.

Step 7-Unpack ornaments. Pull cat out of box. Begin placing ornaments on tree.

Step 8-Search for bulbs. Find them under couch where cat is playing with them. Retrieve bulbs. Cat is miffed and bites your ankle.

Step 9-Put cat in Bathroom.

Step 10-Turn on LOUD Holiday music to drown out angry cat yowls and finish tree.

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