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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Men, Tattoos, and Coffee Drinks

Our Ugly Pics

Mother’s Day has come and gone and now looking back at this past Sunday it really should have been called Sisters’ Day. Both of my sisters were down to visit with our Mom, but after about an hour Mom grew tired and went to rest and the various kids in the house (from my 9 year old niece to my 20 year old nephew) disappeared to do their own thing away from the prying eyes of grown-up. So us girls found our way out onto the porch to catch up. Catching up to us means discussing -the men in our lives, our brother in Florida (because he was not there to defend himself) and his weird messed up marriage, comparing our newest tattoos, checking out each others ring tones and pictures on our phones, and our favorite coffee drinks- among other things.

We really don’t live that far away-just an hour or two away from each other, but our lives keep us so busy we only get to see each other at holidays. I really love to be with Dianna and Angela and just talk, preferably at a Chinese restaurant.

It’s so funny how similar we are and yet how very different. Dianna is tall, brownish red hair and green eyed, has three girls, and works for the government. Hasn’t got a creative bone in her body. Only wants three choices when it comes to coffee drinks-iced, latte, or cappacino. Angela is tall, blond, and grey eyed. She has three boys, has a steady job as a dental technition, loves to do crafty things, wants only black coffee or a mocha fappacino, Me, I’mshorter than either of them, red haired and blue-eyed, no kids, a working artist, and I’ve tried about every drink at Starbucks and love hot tea.

But we are also the same as in we are into heavy metal music, have an addiction to tattoos, in love with Vin Desil ,and prefer cats over dogs.

Yeah, I miss my sisters when they are not here, but maybe it’s a good thing we don’t live closer to each other. I remember some of the fights we had growing up and the “heated discussions” we had as adults. Distance is good.
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