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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

I awoken this morning to silence. Both nephews and the cats were all still asleep. The neighbors were probably still sleeping off last night's party run. I was just warm enough to be drowsy. I had no place to go and not really anything to do for a change so I just laid there, reluctant to get up. I wanted to enjoy the quiet.

Then, into that silence, came one sound. One pure note of bird song. I'm not quit sure what bird, but it was a beautiful sound. A song of joy, of life, in celebration of a new morning, a promise of a sunny warm day. As I laid there listening to it's song I realized that today was Easter.

I thought of Easters past. The fun of my childhood on this day. Of me and my siplings finding Easter baskets waiting for us full of candy and toys. Of egg hunts, church services, and family dinners. It was only as an adult that I think back and wonder at my mother finding a way to get us those baskets because there was never really alot of money back then. Our holiday dinners were never big elaborate deals. And I can remember only once getting a new Easter dress thanks to my grandparents. I never understood the need for new clothes to wear to Easter services.

I think that the best thing I remembered about Easter was coloring eggs, of finding new unique colors combinations. Of playing with the dyes and making a really big mess in the kitchen. As my nephews grew up and I began helping them color eggs they of course got new things to play with -glitter, stickers, crayons, pens. I had a blast with them resulting in a mess in my kitchen. And I enjoyed hiding the eggs and watching them run around the yard trying to find them. I added the encouragement of attaching money value to each egg. But nothing made me smile the most then seeing their eyes light up when they got up and saw those brightly colored and stuffed baskets waiting for them. Me and my sister never bought premade baskets. We always bought the things empty and fixed them ourselves, individualizing each one according to the boy.

Of course we made sure the boys knew that Easter was not all about baskets and eggs and bunnies. That Easter was about Christ and His sacrifice for us. All of my boys are good born again Christens. They have their moments when I want to slap them on the back of the head sometimes, but for the most part they are good boys.

I asked Cory if he wanted an Easter basket. He rolled his eyes at me, but did admit that he would like a chocolate bunny. I guess I'll try to find one tomorrow on clearance.

I hope all of you have a Happy Easter and a great week to come.

Loves, Kelly
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